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  • Looney Bean of Bishop

    399 North Main Street, Suite A
    Bishop, CA 93514

  • Laguna Beach Books

    1200 South Coast Highway
    Laguna Beach, C A 92651

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Consistency leads to epic results.

Commit to daily journaling, and witness your transformation unfold.

  • Deepened Self-Awareness

    Cultivate a profound understanding of your emotions, beliefs, and aspirations, grounding you in self-awareness.

  • Clarity of Purpose

    Decipher life's chaos, illuminate your true desires, and gain clarity on your life's purpose.

  • Enhanced Creativity

    Spark your innate creativity, inspiring innovative solutions to challenges and opening doors to new ways of thinking.

  • Emotional Release

    Confront and process pent-up emotions, leading to emotional healing and a more positive mindset.

  • Mindfulness & Presence

    Reduce stress, cherish the present, and find joy in daily intricacies.

  • Accountability to Goals

    Commit to your goals and track your progress, to ensure you remain accountable to your personal growth journey.

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  • Free Shipping

    We offer free shipping for all orders over $75 and ship from California within 2 days.

  • Epic Guarantee

    If you feel no benefits after 30 days, we will refund your order. No hard feelings (only epic ones).

  • Top-Notch Support

    There is no end to your epic journey, which is why we're here to support you for life.

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